Thanks for attending

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Thank you for joining us at JALT 2013 in Kobe about using teachers’ blogs to expand the classroom.teacher's blog ppt title

As promised, in lieu of a handout, you can browse this blog to review some of the topics we covered and access many of the websites we introduced. Feel free to leave comments with your own suggestions.


Reading Classes

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Expanding Reading Topics

With videos, images, or other reading materials

  • Lost Boys of Sudan

Extensive Reading Comments

Access Naomi’s Reading class blog

Other Useful Websites

Oral Communication Classes

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In the presentation, Christie mentioned a storytelling activity that made use of original material that she recorded herself. Click on the dog to go to the relevant post on her blog if you’d like to listen to the story.

scary dog 2


Christie also introduced Voicethread, a website with great potential for expanding learners’ language skills in all area. Click the image below to go to the main Voicethread website.

Sample Voicethread

Click on the Jack-o-Lantern to access Christie’s Halloween Voicethread

Writing Classes

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Online Writing Lab

We didn’t have time to talk about it in the conversation but we use our teacher blogs to link students to lots of useful academic writing resources such as  (click logo to visit the site)

purdue apa copy

Online Reference Writing Activity

This is another way we’ve used blogs in order to give students repeated practice in learning to write references in the APA style for essays. Our students have to learn to write essays with references from outside sources, and we found that they use the Internet almost exclusively in finding their sources. It can be tricky to find all the information you need on a web page to write a proper reference, so we have them practice weekly by linking them to THIS blog, where I post links to web pages that they have to write references for. The students e-mail me the references. I collect them, paste them all into a Word document, then bring them to class and we all work together to check them.

Listening Classes

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In-class Audio Materials

Naomi explained how language teachers could expand the length of listening class time by providing in-class audio materials to students in the teacher’s blog. HERE is the example from Naomi’s Listening class blog.

If you want to know how to get the Internet link of a file in Public Folder of Dropbox, the following video might help you.

If you want to know how to make a password protected post or page in WordPress, watch this tutorial video.

Ready-made EFL/ESL Online Materials

Naomi introduced to use Ready-made EFL/ESL Online Materials. The following is the list. Click each image to visit its website.

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Extensive Listening: News for Students

Naomi talked about Extensive Listening using broadcasting websites which provide both audio and transcripts. There is a link list of “News for Students” on the left column of this blog.

Extensive Listening: Free Online Books

Naomi briefly suggested using “Free Online Books” for Extensive Listening. This is the list useful for that purpose: